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The RTS game is developed by the DuoCustardCake team. You will be a commander to try to destroy the opponent's base. This game is multiplayer. You can play PVP mode with your friends. Command your army and lead them to victory. 


  • Multiplayer with Steam ID. (Maximum 4 players)
  • Host or Find a lobby to play.
  • Building / Unit Selection
  • Resource Gathering 
  • Unit Combat / Movement
  • Global Leaderboard.


  • Click & drag will select the unit.
  • RMB to move or Attack the unit.
  • Hold L-Shift to multi-selection the unit.
  • Click and Drag at the Minimap to move the Camera.
  • Click on Unit Spawner to spawn the unit.
  • Tab to Open the ScoreBoard.


  • Natchaphon Sirisangsawang | 1620701795 | Programmer
  • Teerathep Saiarporn | 1620702132 | Game & Level Designer

 Supervised by

  • Pongsathorn Kiatticharoenporn


Structure & Unit 


  •  Kenney • Space Kit -
  •  Simple Water Shader URP | 2D Water | Unity Asset Store


Twoarmies.rar 25 MB

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